[Mystery Never Looked So Good]
October 01, 2003

after 10 years...THE GODDESS (still) LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i tried posting a while ago but the server bogged down and i was left with an empty screen, so i was understandably very pissed.

anyway, yesterday was a mighty fine (wednes)day coz i finally got my lazy tush (your term, ielle) over to a grand wednesday meeting ^_^
i saw all my sisters and am therefore VERRRY pleased. i also saw my one-and-only twin and that is definitely an added bonus. i missed kai though... *pouts* hopefully i'll see her some other fine day.
yesterday was additionally great because my boy was extra-sweet (with mush on the side, no less). im not gonna gush, though, don't worry. i'm also gonna convince him (somehow) to get his lazy tush to a wednesday meeting.

anyway, shout-outs to y'all.

Ielle: gad, i've missed you so, sis! rest assured that when i make up my mind to finally 'share' the darker part of my thoughts, you'll be the first to know. you have no idea how much strenght i've derived from you lately. thank you. :)

Mai: you're not a bad girlfriend. you're not even a bad friend. and it's not right for you to feel that way because the only one we want you to be is yourself. :) i love you always!

dani: WAIIIIIIIIIII! it's always good to see you because you're bursting over the top with positive energy :) you always make me feel hyper! ^_^ hehe...thanks for the cebuano lessons. teach me more next week, ne? mwaaah!

sammy: torpe talaga siya, kahit anong gawin natin! i don't know exactly how you're feeling but sis...rest assured we will be here to see you through everything life may toss at you.

kai: gad, where have you been and what have you been up to? you owe me updates girl, i've missed you like hell for so long!

mac: you're an idiot, and a torpe one at that, but you're my twin so *dramatic sigh* i'm still here... :)

charlie: you're too busy for your sisters now! *pouts*

and last but definitely not the least...

ej: bes, go to my blurty...i have something for you (again)... read everything there na lang...

till next time...

"you make me happy...not because of what you do, but because of who you are..." (guess who said this to me one fine day? ^_^)
eden: (n.) a paradise

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