[Mystery Never Looked So Good]
August 21, 2003

hi. this is me.

yup i'm still alive. i can't exactly focus...but...well...ah hell.

i'm feeling a little...oh sheesh. a LITTLE? i'm feeling a lot down.

look everyone.

this goes out to the pantheon, the people in my sidebar, and even those who don't go online. i'm too tired to name names and put up links. i hope you all read this.

i miss you all.
wednesday meetings just aren't enough. i haven't exactly done my part in the barkada--ALL my barkadas--and that haunts me.
when was the last time i was there for you? any of you? when was the last time i sat down and listened and cared? when was the last time i picked up the phone and checked out what's going on in your lives?

i haven't been the greatest friend everyone probably wants me to be.

i haven't lived up to my third year high school reputation.

i haven't done anything worth crap.

i'm sorry if i've been to absorbed in my own life.
i'm sorry if i missed various highlights in your lives.

i miss you all. so much. so. much.

there. i guess that's all i can say.
i've been a bad friend.

i love you for who you are and not what you can give me. --jesse (my ray of light)

love you all.
August 06, 2003

this is from athena's blog. :)

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Farseekers posses the ability to communicate over great distances via telepathy. They are great friends who know when they're needed, and seem to be able to detect others thoughts.



Futuretellers have an uncanny knack of knowing what is going to happen, well before anybody else. Alot of futuretellers have truedreams, whereas some, like Brydda, have what they call a 'sixth sense'. Futuretellers are usually very quiet, and reserved, yet they are loyal and trustworthy.
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got this from melina's blog. :) do comment.

wow, it's been...well...more or less a week...since i last posted :)
first of all, updates on my wunnerfully sabog life.

1. for those of you who don't know, i have a new number (again!). the other sim's busted so i
can't use it anymore. this is my number: 09272749416.

2. i've been included in the ms. college pageant. ick. oh--wait. you knew that already.

3. it's my first monthsary. wai.

anyway, yesterday was another wednesday. wOot! i got to mcdo around 3-something, i guess. marc and mai were there, then mac arrived. marc commented that i looked like a swedish nurse in my school uniform. that's loads better than being called a maid!

oh and...i have dark green eyes now :)

and then we hung out for a few hours, trading hentai innuendoes and green jokes, sharing twister/french fries and mcflurrys :)

note: i will kill marc for ruining the color GRAY. i'm now officially sick and tired of the mere MENTION. >P

i'm gonna go blog-hopping first. ;) post again later!

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