[Mystery Never Looked So Good]
July 29, 2003

hey all!

i'm in school now. ^_^ yep, the frickin' school actually has internet now. damn.
hehe. it's another bloody wednesday--sometimes i think god DOES love me. >.< yeah i'm sabog. so kill me.

it's partly because ykw's [you know who] right here beside me on the next console searching on--heh--guy stuff i s'pose. no, i don't think he's coming with me later. shit ang gulo ng blockmates ko. but in fairness, it's all pretty fun. :)

for some rather unknown reason i was coerced [read= nauto!] into joining the campus pageant. sheesh. i initially thought that it was only for the [goddamned] acquaintance party but then again...heh...turned out that the pageant is in FEBRUARY. dammit!

anyway. can't concentrate--who the bloody hell can when your boyfriend's trailing his fingers down your neck?

later all!
July 25, 2003

whoo, seems that everytime i log onto blogger it looks better and better...*grins* real simple. nice.

anyweiz, it's saturday today and i'm in a netcaf a few blocks away from school. jesse had to go home because his dad's back from abroad. *shakes head* we actually had a mini-tampuhan. but i'm tellin' y'all, WOW, it's worth everything. he's so damn open with himself. :)

quotable quotes:
"i'm not psychic or a psychologist--i just want to know who you are. i can't keep guessing. ayoko maging tanga, krys. i want to know you--all of you. not the airbrushed version."


that's good enough for me!
and for those who may be worried, we're not 'in-over-our-heads'. we love each other [well DUH!!!!!!!!!!] but we know pretty damn well that we have separate lives too.


that's good. very good.

anyway, scurrying away from the [rather touchy] topic of my love life, let's all focus on another issue which has brought about tears, vulgarity, and all-around bad reactions.


well. that must've gotten a lot of your attention. i haven't exactly vocalized my thoughts yet, so i'll just post here what i posted on her comment box:

okay. hurtful comments about. aren't you all gonna see na may point kayong lahat???

kai, you DID say that you were mad at us.
then you told me it was mel.
then you told me it was no one.

i loved you--hell, part of me still does, but...

your reasons don't add up.
i know you don't expect us to understand, and that's good. because frankly, we don't.

i'm semikindasure you don't get yourself as well.

stop looking for yourself in every guy you meet.

kai, the only one you can be truly happy with is yourself.

it's impossible for everything to get back to how it once was, well DUH, but i'm trying not to give up.
kaya lang lahat na nang pwede mong i-damay dinamay mo eh. thomas. nate. kahit si marc naba-bad trip na.

i don't know what to do. i honestly don't.

maybe we all don't know what friendship really is. eh tangina diba MAGKAKAPATID tayo?

think about it, all of you. THINK ABOUT IT.

yun. that's my piece. i have to go meet maia and marc at megaMall.

i'll post more next time.
July 10, 2003



okay. i'm alive, people. be happy. i'm currently in the library of my school, shivering. this reminds me vaguely of st.scho. aircons at every room--not that i'm complaining.

there is something all of you should know.
since moving to this school, i've been happier than i've ever been in my entire life.
from how happy my sisters are for me, i reckon it's a good thing. ^^

and athens, i finally have a boyfriend. =p

enter jesse.

he's so darn open and honest it hurts =p naw, seriously...he's great. he makes me happy.
that's what counts isn't it? i know i deserve to be. don't we all?



word for the week: HAPPY!!!

oh, by the way, starting july 14, i'll only be able to drop by mcdo la salle around...say...4.00pm? i have class.
speaking of wednesdays...

PLUG!!!!!!!!! -----> that's marcelle. ^^
muy guapito. too bad he's taken ;p then again, so am i. :)

i'm gonna log off now and read other people's blogs.

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