[Mystery Never Looked So Good]
June 23, 2003

i'm online again, this time in the la salle area. my sisters and zacky are here. :)
zacky was very sadly coerced by me and kai into paying for our online time. ^^ i love having a twin. incidentally, he also bought me load last...thursday. was it thursday? i think it was thursday.

who'll by me load next week? ;>

anyway i'm trying very hard to look for a picture to upload...

by the way, i need more songs dedicated to me. kale, mai, zack, and athens, you haven't given me any songs. :)

i'm off.

June 22, 2003

What's Your Outlook on Life?

brought to you by Quizilla

can you believe this? ^^
well i suppose it's a good thing.

anyway, it's a monday and i'm near OLG. i have an idiotic guidance test later at 1.00-pm. yep, i am an hour early. *snorts*
like i care.
sooo...i'm learning a lot of things: guitar, piano, *drums, and html.
wish me luck.


i enjoy this new school.
it's challenging in more ways than one.
in st.scho all that mattered to people was beauty and popularity. supposedly i had both so everyone was constantly sucking up to me. in here, everyone's different, it's a challenge to make friends and all. i have an oppurtunity to be 'myself'...nevermind that i don't know what 'myself' is anymore. i can be...technically, whatever i want to be. :)

i'm gonna go edit my template in my dark blog. :)

Love you all...

Cheers ^^
June 19, 2003

ohhhhhhhhhhh-kay. sorry for the uber long silence. i haven't been to anyone's blogs yet because it's twenty-six minutes to my first class for the day and i'm still a few blocks away. i couldn't resist. *makes face* anyway, i started school last june 17th...if you're wondering why i didn't post earlier, it's because i was in the middle of typing a really long entry then when the goddamn fuxing lights went out.

stupid lights.

anyway, luv, you're lucky...i don't have time to post your bloopers during sammy-my-luv's birthday last june 6.

hmmmph. i wanted to post that. you were really...funny...then. *snickers* hehe...

anyway, here's my schedule. ^_^

tuesday: 9.30-6.30 [with a measly break of 12-1.30].

wednesday: 12-3 [i will be going to la salle before AND after ^^].

thursday: 11-6 [break from 2-3].

friday: 9-4.30 [break from 12-2.30].

okay. i'm out. i'm searching on my new obsession: xmen evolution. ^^

cheers ^_~
eden: (n.) a paradise

[Air: Breath of Life]

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