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May 28, 2003

minna-san! new email: isis21eden@hotmail.com. ^^

and whoever can edit my template for 'the poisoned apple' [my fic log], puh---leeze do! text me and i'll give you my log-in info for blogger. if you can put up a picture of a princess, it would be great. :P heh. blessed be. have to run now. >.<

i am getting vaguely tired of the scenery in here.


back in ssc. what else is new, eh?

anyway, i will...ah...explain my situation.

sis. Our Lady of Guadalupe is in EDSA. semi-kinda-sorta near Megamall. [that is one good thing.] it's also near the MRT so i can get to LaSalle easily enough. when i get my sched i 'll tell you.

that's where i want to go to. however, my brother shifted to Nursing too, and he's in University of Perpetual whatever. my dad and mom are currently talking it over. UPHR, by the way, is all the way in alabang. *sighs* i went with him once. took us two damn hours. and that was during SUMMER!!!!!

anyway, i'm confused by my own choice. like i said last night:

"krys, what ARE you doing???"

i still don't know. >P

i'm posting something in my blurty for you. it's not much, but it sums a lot up. :) i miss you.

i miss you girls too. ^^ and what have you boys been up to?

flip, we oughta bond more often. :) you're my beloved best-ex-friend.

athena, come back home. :( i miss you TERRIBLY! you're probably the only one who has the guts to call me a doormat to my face...and live. ^^

back to you: i still love you. no matter what.

more later. :)
May 27, 2003

well, i'm back outside school yet again. i haven't gone blog-hop-happy yet, but i will---ah...eventually.

first of all, i have news. it's probably bad news for most of you, if not all.

i'm out of st. scho.

i'm shifting to nursing and i'll be going to either the University of Perpetual Help (?) or Our Lady of Guadalupe
. both of which, i assure you, are NOWHERE NEAR the University Belt. *sighs*

i'm not even enrolled yet. obvious ba na it was a last minute decision? my grandmother damn near threw a party when she heard the news, she was that happy. the shock hasn't registered yet. [obvious ba?] what the hell...i'll live. but i won't be able to see you guys for a while. *sniff* plus...mauuna kayo mag-graduate. that really sucks. then again, at least you'll all be there...right...?


i'm gonna go look at everyone else's blogs now.

May 20, 2003

You're a Diamond. You seem like a cold and an
unreachable person outside, yet you are
beautiful inside and outside. You may be
stubborn at times. You act with grace and
elegance and you are a precious asset to all
your friends.

What Jewel Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

wow. comment please.

(or are you too afraid to break a heart?) ;P

okay. i'm outside school--*glances at cellphone*--mom just texted demanding that i be home by lunchtime. after this i am supposed to meet up with +sirri+ to give her back her cd, then i'm supposed to sneak off to quad to meet flip, doggy, kale, and my sisters. minus the currently-voiceless melina. *snickers* that oughta be fun.

anyway, it's rather ironic that i'm going out again exactly a week after my mini-issue.

i guess i never learn.


okay, for what it's worth, my conscience cam crashing down on me sooner than expected, and i actually ended up crying harder than ever. *shrugs* there goes the ice queen act. damn. i LIKED that act.

it's been...what? 10++ days since i last posted. (you do the math. i'm far too tired for that.)

i don't have anything to make kwento...i'm gonna go check out other people's blogs now. blessed be, people.

May 04, 2003

okay. went blog-hop happy. i haven't been to other places simply because there is no time. plus i'm a little afraid of what i may find.

See which Greek Goddess you are.

stole this off her blog.

okay, a lot has happened, but i don't want to post it. it takes too much time and frankly, i'm tired.

first of all, i don't...particularly feel like i have done anything worth the pantheon. i just feel like i'm not a part of it. and i'm not saying this because i'm begging to be. actually, i'm feeling very calm right now. [that means i am headed for something very much like a breakdown].

and it's not just the pantheon.
i'm pretty sure a lot has happened to everyone else. and i can't help wondering:


in all actuality, i've never felt so useless in my entire life.

everyone tells me they love me.
i don't see how the hell that happened.

i'm sinking to new lows again.

i'm sorry sisters, i'm sorry nii-chans, i'm sorry, precious few.

i can't be your angel now.

anyway, i'm moving on to post something angry and something sad.

leave a note. god knows i need it.
eden: (n.) a paradise

[Air: Breath of Life]

isis eden
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