[Mystery Never Looked So Good]
February 27, 2003

awright, i'm looking for pics and info on MY man.
i'll prolly post next time. btw, can anyone tell me how to post a piccie? thanks. =)

over and [almost] out.


You are Quistis!

Which Final Fantasy 8 character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla


NOW i'm out! ^_^

awright. i've been online for almost an hour now but i've been busy going around everyone else's blogs. first things first, melina-dearest actually beat me to the punch, but the reason why i'm on cloud nine as of late is that---*takes deep breath*---viggo mortensen is very much single, and as far as i'm concerned, very much MINE. as far as i see, that's all that friggin' matters! ^_^
and for dignity's sake, i SO did not go crazy over him over caramel sundae and fries. i just...happened to...uh. you know. go a little insane? a few squeals here and there, a hot flush spreading on my cheeks...ah...


anyway. SHEESH. it's not like i'm head over bloody heels in for him, i just think he's the hottest thing since sugar.

did i mention i can't live without sugar?


any~way, i had a sleep-over at -ginny's- house last monday/tuesday. it was just me and -ginny- and -aish-. did i mention last week that they'd been fighting since kingdom come? well, y'all be glad to know i managed to make them reach a sort of 'unspoken' compromise. they're back to being civil and all. we bonded over strawberry sundaes, KFC fried chicken, cadbury chocs, and scary movie 2. =P
go me!



The Extremely Silly Which Stereotypical Member of the Fellowship Are You Quiz
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help me PLEASE!!!!!!! i am DEEPLY, TOTALLY head over heels for the sod. *glares* yes, it's taken approximately more than a month for it to sink in. GOD! they don't make actors like they used to. he's like all-in-one!


OHFORCHRISSAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GETOVERHIMWOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!


i'm posting a quiz i took on my dark blog. be back later. ^_^
February 23, 2003

*sighs and yawns*

i haven't slept. i'm in school three hours before my class because i had to submit a project. i'm bored, sleepy, hungry, and the stupid PC in st. scho's computer lab is slower than growing grass.

oh, yah, and i left my scientific calculator when the only class we have is STATISTICS.

life is beautiful. *winces and shifts*
i can't feel my f*cking legs. they're cramping up. desks like these weren't made for tall people. *snorts* ugh.

i'm happy. it isn't very obvious, is it? ^_^

ugh. seriously. brushing my bitching aside, i had a pretty good friday date. i didn't get to meet the chief justice, but hey, that's fine. what matters is that i had fun. that kinda made up for my sucky week. the night was capped off by a marathon bonding session with my twin and my doggie nii-chan.

so you see, bad day or not, people like them make life worth it.

this is krys signing out to finalize viggo-my-love's marital status. ^_^
February 20, 2003

i'm currently in netopia with my twin brother, who has finally gotten up and posted. *raises eyebrow* about time too! he's going through MY blog--*raises eyebrow again*--and is commenting on the quizzes i got. *flushes* we're twins all right!

took a quiz off melina's site. whoopee.

Yoji's eyes
You're Yoji's eyes. You stay the same color - deep
emerald green - in both the anime and the
manga. Deep and gentle, your eyes can be very
persuasive, and they often say things you'd
never say with your lips.

Which Weiss Guy's Eyes are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

oooh. are my eyes THAT expressive? NOT! *pouts* i can wish though. i wanna check out other quizzies...i'm trying to convince zacky to take some too. *snickers* i think it worked.

A woman in a cloack of stars
You are The Celestial Goddess. You rule over the
Heavens and have a fim grip on space and the
universe. Your keen intellect makes you a
person to take time to stare at the stars -
just to see what they look like.

What Goddess Of Beauty Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

i like! ^_^ now this one would be a lot appropriate for dione. ;>

You're an Audrey Hepburn. Classic and graceful,
Timeless and elegant. You have impeccable taste
and manners to match. People are always
comfortable around you because you are the
perfect hostess. Kind and unselfish, you are
often looked up to by other women.

Which Classic Beauty Are You?
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that's all cuz my twin has to go...therefore i may as well go. =>

February 17, 2003

what am i doing outside school an hour and a half before my class?
long story. to make things easier, i'll give a brief outline on how bad my days are starting to get.

1. i didn't sleep two days ago, so i slept right after i got home yesterday, thereby missing my dinner again.
2. my school friends [i shudder if i use the term 'barkada'] are fighting among themselves again, and being by far the most mature one, i'm the one stuck in the crossfire.
3. i woke up 5.00 am this morning and wasn't able to fall asleep again because of a nasty dream.

said nasty [nasty, in a BAD way, you hentai peeps!!!] dream consisted of me:
a.) drowning in black water (not getting buried alive--my mistake, lady harle).
b.) getting stuck in a room with a mirror. breaking said mirror and getting blinded by the shards.

and, for a fitting ending:

c.) standing in a room filled with blood and unidentified dead bodies (body count would be approximately 10), holding a bloody butcher knife.


that would explain my silence over brunch, my darlings. *sighs*
my apologies.
plus, my days are going down the drain because i'm constantly fatigued and there's this odd drained feeling.

one ray of sunshine, at least we're getting back on track. *sighs* starting to bond again and christ, i'm relieved, to say the least. another thing to look forward to is the fact that tomorrow is wednesday once more.

thank god for small favors.

anyway, took a quiz i lifted from the doggie's blog.

so i like nerdy guys. can i help it they're usually absolutely adorable and only the most interesting people in this world? there's nothing like a guy who's intellectually stimulating and so damn smart! philosophy helps too. ^_^
one more:

You are Oriya.

Which Yami no Matsuei Character are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

ooooooooh, i like that guy! btw, this particular series REEKS of yaoi, but christ, they're ALL HOT anyway!!! ^_^
he's so hot...*sighs dreamily* reminds me a bit of viggo, what with all the long brown hair and all the perfection--*trails off* *blushes*
did i say that aloud?

any~way, i have to run. sis, i know i said i'd post on this one, but...well...it's so looong! i'm lazy again. so shoot me.

over and out.
February 16, 2003

that sucks. *glares*

i just posted--or tried to. damn thing hanged.
i am so not in the mood to re-type everything, so i'm just gonna go.

Info Grey
Your Heart is Grey

What Color is Your Heart?
brought to you by Quizilla

February 14, 2003

all right. i just posted something on the other side.
go see.

on other news, i'm okay now. basically. a little shaken by the ferocity of my *ehem* emotions.


and i thought i was a freezer? i thought i was numb?

i wouldn't mind going back to curling up in someone's arms and hiding from the world.
at least then i felt safe.

over and out.
February 13, 2003

did i say that was last? i lied. sis, check this out. i have no idea who this is, but i thought you might be interested.

You are Leila deSilver.

You're a natural leader. You will fight tooth and claw to defend your beliefs and the people who trust you, but you still doubt your own self-worth at times. Although you're renowned for your sharp tongue and hot temper, you do have a weary, softer side, you just don't normally let it show except around close friends and relatives.

Which Brotherhood of the Blade character are you?

hah. cool. i like it. 'independent' is right. 'sharp tongue and hot temper' is even better. 'doubt your self-worth' is the best.
but i checked the others and thought this is more applicable, with me and my famous ego.

You are Nylessa Drakely.

Pretty, sassy, sometimes snippy, you are both the girl of men's dreams, and their worst nightmare. You sail through life smiling, but leave behind a trail of broken hearts. You do have your good points -- you can be quite sweet and kind, trustworthy and reliable... as long as it doesn't get in the way of your having a good time.

Which Brotherhood of the Blade character are you?

please comment. ^_^ that goes for everyone else.

My ideal mate is Aragorn!

Who is your Ideal Lord of the Rings (male) Mate?
brought to you by Quizilla

i already knew this. last one.
blue fairy
You like to be alone and see everything around you.
You like to do things alone. You're a Fall fairy
but fall is a very pretty and soft time of year.

What kind of fairy are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

i'm out.


Which Lord of the Rings Elf are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

this is the first LOTR quiz i took that dodn't give me either -galadriel- or -aragorn-.
going on a quiz rampage to temporarily forget what i ranted about here. i'd like everyone to check it out, by the way. it isn't everyday i tell people what i really feel.
on to the quizzies. looking for new stuff. you know. fun.


What Dave Matthews Song Are You?
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this is nice. makes me sound like a good person.

why is it that reading everyone else's blogs leaves me so damn depressed?
it's not even that it's depressing. it just seems to hurt to...ah. nevermind. what. the. FUCKING. HELL.

this sucks. when was the last time i felt so shitty? must have been pretty damn long if i can't even keep quiet about it. yeah. i should shut up. right about now.
but i'm human. i deserve a rant.
February 11, 2003

Josh Hartnett

Which Hollywood pretty boy will you marry?
brought to you by Quizilla

aww hell. do i have to?


why doesn't viggo mortensen qualify as 'pretty'? oh christ, then again, he's hardly a BOY!!!!!

forty-friggin'-five~!!! *sobs* noooo...

i'm re-taking quizzes cause -- duh. people change. if you haven't noticed that by now you're more of an idiot than i thought.

seductive flirt
Seductive Flirt

What Kind of FLIRT are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

i got a 'demure flirt' last time i tried that quiz. >< comments are welcome. and appreciated.

last one, since i should leave right about now.
first time i got this i got 'temptress'. now its:

You are a dark goddess!

Which Ultimate Beautiful Woman are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

i can handle that. ^_^
February 10, 2003

online again courtesy of st. scho's computer class. =P hehehe...i'm so mean. i've endeared myself to my beloved prof in such a way that she ignores the fact i never listen to her anyway.
*after a pause*
whassat? midterm grade? *frowns* christ, i've cut her class more times than i care to count. (she doesn't check attendance regularly anyway.) god knows how much i've missed. *shrugs* oh well. the friggin' hell. i could probably catch up. [you would note, of course, that the keyword is 'probably'.] who am i kidding? of course i'll catch up. >.< like, if i really tried.
-alysia- and the gang pointed out that it would do well to actually utilize my 'superior' iQ. enquote: "you're smarter than the lot of us. you just really don't pass the f*cking requirements."
*sheepish grin* i have to agree. my grades are atrocious. i get B minuses when i''d automatically get an A. i'd get ninety friggin' seven on my finals and still get really low because of the damn assignments. >.<
i so need to get my priorities straight.
i'm pretty sure that my 'priorities' don't include guys. >P
but hey, i sure could use an inspiration right now. *grins* he's a helluva a best friend. i'm one lucky b*tch to find someone who can handle me. now, about my romantic life, nothing is happening. i'm getting more crushes than usual, and one particular darling of mine is rapidly developing into a full-out puppy love-ish type.

too bad i can never have him.

it's complicated. someone very dear to me loves him anyway. who am i to stand in the way of something i'll never have?
depressing, or what? it prolly won't last anyway.
but as i told my dear twin: "a moment of joy is better than a lifetime of bitterness."
my personal translation being: don't be afraid to risk your all for someone you love. if it doesn't work out, there are always the memories. you can tell the world that you were happy. you loved and were loved. once.

i'm in a poignantly melancholic mood right now, and i can't help missing the security a steady relationship always offered me. knowing that someone was missing me. loving me. feeling protected and just for one precious moment, cherished.

how was that for a sad reflection from the all high-and-mighty b*tch Goddess?

comments and reactions are welcome. please.
February 09, 2003

this is just a quickie cuz i'm due to meet some of the kids in mcdo--right about now. just couldn't resist getting online and printing the lyrics m'luv got for me. ^_^ took one quiz just to wrap this up:

You are the fox.

Saint Exupery's 'The Little Prince' Quiz.
brought to you by Quizilla

hmmm...well, i wanted the pilot, but who am i to argue with what's supposed to be the truth? T_T

i'm out.
February 06, 2003

awright, one more quiz to wrap it up. >.< how emo am i? i wanna see if i have ANY emotion left. ^_^

Freezer. You feel nothing and wish to feel nothing
so you find peace in the way you think,
however, your emotions are more nuetral than
balanced. Coldness and tolerance can be the
ways of a passive heart.

How Emotional Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

and this???? i am WHO????

I am...

I'm Viggo Mortensen!

Which Fellowship Actor are YOU?

good thing i like this song. ^_^

You're "Hands Clean". You have reconciled
with the past and are ready to move on and see
what the future holds for you.

Which Alanis Morissette song are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

last one, i swear. ^_^

i'm back in netopia with melina and zacky. the guy--*glares*--insists on playing cs instead of actually working on his blog. *sniffs disdaintfully* if i weren't his twin i'd---*trails off* *evil smile*---hmmm....maybe i will...*lifts eyebrow*

i'm taking quizzies again.. :) go see:

Idealistic Virgin

What Kind of Virgin Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

'idealistic'? what is that supposed to mean?

anyway, i've always known i was considered to be sexy, but what do you think about this?

Rose McGowan
You charming girl, you're Rose McGowan.

What sexy girl are you
brought to you by Quizilla

February 05, 2003

awright cheres, i'm very happy. ^_^

no, i don't care that i skipped all three of my afternoon subjects yesterday. i don't care that i spent only thirty minutes in school. [or even less?]. i don't even mind the fact that valentine's day is just around the corner...
[and incidentally, these kids HATE it!]

what matters is that yesterday was a grrrrrreat wednesday. ^_^
i missed kai though... *puppy dog eyes*

so...what happened yesterday? weeeellllll...i got to school late for the first class [art]. that was 11.00. we got out of class 11.30. i ate with -ashley- and the gang, went over to netopia to find them [minus -ekai-] there, went to mcdo to hang. ^_^ and then i spent SEVEN FULL HOURS with -zacky- and -mai- and -charles-.

i'm out.
February 04, 2003

i'm in netopia with the kids--or most of them
...-mac- and -charlie- are here as well. debating on whether or not to cut phil. his. for the nth time--decided not to, as am far too afraid of getting dropped from that subject. -_- more to add to my list of disgraces? i think not. >.<

oui. that sucks. i'm veeeerrrry, veeeeeeerrrrrry tired, and i just got here!!!
christ on a trampoline. a bunch of vvvvveeeeeeeerrrrrrrry noisy lasallians behind me. *snorts slightly* i'd post in my dark blog but i'm not *that* mad--yet. i'm just plain...not happy. *sighs* me ish shad...*puppy dog eyes* won't anybody come take me home?

You're a Non-box.

What box do you get put in?
brought to you by Quizilla

i'm sad...*sighs*
dame, i'm in need of a good old fashioned hug [which is rare]. from a good old fashioned guy [which is even rarer].
i'm out. i'm bored.

i'm happy now. ^_^

*sighs* just posted on the other side, so to speak. i was supremely pissed then, although, i hafta admit, my famous temper has simmered down. *cough* yes, quite. and -kale's- blog is up, for those interested. =D tomorrow's wednesday, and i am finally gonna get the chance to break free. oh but there's something i forgot to rant about...back to the the other side, luvs.


anyway, took another quizzie. *cough* uhm *cough* people will remember that i said a few months back that i am so not girlfriend material? check this out.

You're Perfect ^^
-Perfect- You're the perfect girlfriend. Which
means you're rare or that you cheated :P You're
the kind of chick that can hang out with your
boyfriend's friends and be silly. You don't
care about presents or about going to fancy
placed. Hell, just hang out. You're just happy
being around your boyfriend.

What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

*soft laugh* that kinda nullifies all arguments, yes?
February 02, 2003

i am friggin' out.

AND HE IS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!

*sobs* mommeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

don't even ask unless you want to be personally decapitated. *glares*

h-o-l-y m-o-t-h-*-r-_-_-_-_-_-_!!!!!!!!!!!

*runs off screaming*

oh hell! oh, dear god!

my dears...why didn't anyone tell me...-viggo mortensen- is a poet, photographer, and everything in between?
*crashes down*
christ...he's a *friggin'* GENIUS!
no WONDER i find him way too hot-and-spicy...

*shakes head*


i can't take this.

cher...i'm just tweaking...Ü kick me later. have you seen my layout?Ü ~mel

hey ma cheres, -kale- has finally set up his own blog. i'd give you the URL but i'm not sure he wants it out yet. ^_^ i will ask permission from my labsh first.
on other news, -alysia- and i were supposed to go to robinson's place to watch the LOTR:TTT movie. [yes, we STILL haven't]. it's due to vanity more than anything. we--actually, she wanted to watch in posh li'l greenbelt theatre, but we never got around to going there. now, she's apparently desperate enough to watch anywhere. took a quiz. lookie lookie.

Doomed to be Galadriel!

Still radiant and mysterious you reign supreme in the film version
of Lothlorien as you did in the book. However, it must be noted that
the scene where you turn all green and spooky frightens not only
Hobbits and children but the rest of humanity. Green is not really
your color, may we suggest a nice purple?

other character of FOTR are you doomed to be?

to you by



my initial reaction was: holy crap, not again???

eh. why always -galadriel-? it kinda ruins the fact that i was called -arwen- in fourth year high and i am currently desperately head over heels for -aragorn- aka -viggo mortensen-. *pouts* no fair.

at least i'm still an elf, ne?

anyway, i'm going blog-hopping and laughing at some people's entries, thinking very deeply on others, or just plain not getting it.

oh by the way, about my li'l modeling stint last friday. i didn't trip or anything so that's good. -maia-cher- was there to witness my last catwalk [she missed the first part]. that's okay though, there was nothing to see. just me parading in a black gown that showed...a little too much. *evil laughter* go figure. there is nothing ANYONE has to know about what transpired backstage after the show. *mutters under breath* i treasure my pride way too much. ^_^

any~way, *sigh* dame, i'm supposed to be looking around for info on -vig-my-heart-. and~ i am gonna post a snippet on the group blog. ^_^

be right back! =D
eden: (n.) a paradise

[Air: Breath of Life]

isis eden
Dark Side of the Moon
Lady Lune
The Real Snow White


To whom do you hide from? the masquerade has long been over. poor miss perfect. the only one you cannot satisfy is Yourself.

there's always some reason/to feel not good enough/ and it's hard/ at the end of the day/ i need some distraction.../ beautiful release...

they saw through the pretensions...
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And still loved me.
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Where do YOU stand?
Le Petite Mademoiselle

Daydream Sequences

Sing to Me.

::Seven Years -Norah Jones [dedicated by Ekai]
::No Way Back to Eden -Isgaard [dedicated by Harle]
::Angel -Sarah McLachlan [dedicated by Melina]
::Best I Ever Had [dedicated by Flip]
::Foolish Games -Jewel [dedicated by Doggy]

you were always the mysterious one...
::You're A God -Vertical Horizon [dedicated by Flip]
::Shakespeare In Love -Layla Kaliff [personal favorite]
::She Will Be Loved -Maroon 5 [dedicated by Athens]