[Mystery Never Looked So Good]
February 11, 2004

okay, this is just to inform you i will be deleting two of my blogs:

Lady of the Moon
Death in the Light

because it takes soo much time and energy to write on a single blog, much less on two.
i will, instead, focus on the live journal my sister so lovingly made me. ;P

that's it then!
be seein' yah!
February 03, 2004


posted kanina. realllly long entry.

stupid computer picks a friggin' fine moment to crash.

*goes off cursing*
January 21, 2004

hey, online again! ^_^

me on a roll...i think.

anyway, change of [mailing] address:

136 Conrad St. Moonwalk Subdivision P'que MMLa.

i don't have a phone yet...the phone company said it's gonna take then fifteen days to disconnect our line and reconnect it in our new house. *roll eyes* whoopee-doo. *sighs*

anyway, my boy and i are still going strong. *smiles* thankfully. i'm praying it will work out this time around. we're nearing our seventh monthsary. he bought me a guinea pig named choco. :) can you believe it?

hm...scholl [still sucks], some things never change. i [still] don't know who my 'real' barkada is.
i don't really have time to mingle because jes has been more possessive lately. my friends take it as a good sign.

sis, what happened to the shout outs? and can someone make me a new template, pweesh? *puppy-dog eyes*

okay, me gonna go check out other people's bloggies.

love y'all.
January 18, 2004


yeah baby!
January 16, 2004



okie, i have no excuse as to why i haven't blogged in almost two frickin' months.
aside from the fact that...well...the internet access in school is always in demand, etc...this is actually the only time i have to sneak in. anyway, jesse and i are still going string...six months already. (i'm his longest standing girlfriend!) [enter applause here]

anyway, i bought a new phone!
it's the nokia music phone...the 3300. so you people can send me colored wallpapers! mwahahahaha! it's really cool and i have the distinction of being the unique few who have it. ;> all thanks to my birthday money.

hmm...i'm not sure when i can meet up with The Pantheon since my wednesdays are all full. [xe: noey already met jes...i'm sure she's made kwento.]

school still sucks. i miss everyone terribly :( my sisters, brothers, the hskada, and everyone in between...

i'm gonna go look at other people's bloggies now. oh, by the way:

angel sanctuary

my friend's blog.

love you all!
November 28, 2003

i see you're still here.

thank god for small favors.
it's good to know there are people who will love you no matter what.
'love' is too strong a word for you, but i'm thankful that you're [technically] still here.

fic-log. :) i'm rarin' to post my prose et poetry. [there's a fair amount already!] ^^

kai, i haven't seen nor heard from you in such a loong while. MIZYOU!

harle, I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! there's nothing i'd rather do than go straight over to la salle and just make kulit. :) you have a weird way of making me feel...ah...calmer.

you've been onlne but you haven't been posting. hrmph. call me sometime? miss our bonding na.

D, i had the luxury of visiting your blog today. you're another person i REALLY want to talk to. i mish u sis... :)

SIS!!!!!!!!!!! :) how's hong kong? i hate thinking that you're a few hundred miles away. makes me miss you even more. the distance between p'que and qc is bad enough, doncha think?
i love you, you know i'll always love you. :)

that's all the time i have. do post. miss you all.

i'm sticking with you.
--> said to me yesterday.
November 20, 2003

guess who's still alive?

*slight smile*

hello y'all!
i've missed being in this place. well, i'm supposed to be in class but since the ever-lovin' genius streak in me decided to pop up, i finished the freakin' exercises much earlier than expected. *preens* [enter applause here]

anyway...okay. it's time to let the cat out of the bag.

we broke up 1.34 this morning.

i cried unbelievably hard. [prose material on this available ^^]
so you're wondering why am i so cheerful?
we decided "it wasn't time to end it".

it's still us.

and for that i am wholly grateful.

anyway, apologies for missing all the previous wednesday meetings...mark my words i am going to miss a helluva lot more. *winces* explanations are due:




there we go. hmph.

school has been verily hectic. i don't like going to school anymore because most of the bloody subjects suck and...well, in a word, there's just no point in bustin' my brains without him to support me. *pouts* well, actually it's started getting better. my friends are all guys who refer to me as 'Mobster Momma' because i'm the only girl and i'm the most 'angas'.

me...angas. can you believe it?

anyway, i hope someone can help me make a new template for this.
the purple's starting to hurt my eyes.
if there are any takers, i'd like the background to be in light grey and the font to be in...oh, dark blue i guess. :)

i hope someone actually still reads my blog these days...

love you all!
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